Friday, July 24, 2009

Speakers Corner

I have just returned from London from a 3 week tour of Norway and England. Before heading home on Sunday we went to go see the famous speakers corner in Hyde Park. It gets really crazy where anyone can hop on their soap box and debate about what ever they wish. This women here in the picture has been denied a free hug and can't seem to convince the man she needs one.


California Style said...

Hello Michael, my name is Kimberly and I love your work. Not sure if you are looking for any ideas for a new photo but I have a unique buisess that I would love to see the 'olives' visit. My email address is or you can reach me via phone at 309-397-3057. I would love to tell you my idea. I look forward to hearing from you. xoxo, Kimberly

Gillie said...

Hi Michael,
My husband and I recently purchased an AP of The Inkslinger. This is our second Godard!!We were in Vegas and bought it at the Oh My Godard Shop in Planet Hollywood's Million Mile Shops. I have been looking for a way to send a letter to you becauseyou should be aware of what is going on there and how they are tarnishing your good name. Shane promised us many things(sketch in lieu of dedication cuz print wouldn't be ready, photo of ypu dojng the sketch at your recent show there).. none of which they have fulfilled and now will not return our calls. Our email: I know you are busy but if someone can email and we can provide our number and details of the borderline fraud going on there.. lots of shady dealings which you should be aware is your name they are ruining
Thx, Gillian and Bernie