Sunday, August 16, 2009

Oh Canada!

This past weekend I finished the Canadian part of my tour. The shows in Alberta are wild, standing room only and lots of fun!

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kimmer said...

Dear Mr. Godard,
My Name is Kim (Decker)Bilawchuk. You were in Edmonton recently and met my nephew "JORDAN DECKER" at the Stollery Children's Hospital as he has Leukemia. You were also kind enough to draw him a special "Godard"! I am a HUGE fan of yours & happened to be in England at the time of your visit (CRAP!) On behalf of Jordan, and all of us (his family) I would like to take this opportunity to THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts for the kindness you showed "JOE"< (Jordan's nick name)in drawing him this picture, mentioning his name on a tv news interview and inviting him to a party (that unfortunately Jordan was unable to attend) but most of all JUST SPENDING TIME WITH HIM! (he was the kid that is a drummer in a band)I'm amazed at your kindness and generosity in a world that is becoming "de-personalized" and "violent". You are a special human being, and believe what you do for these sick children will NOT GO UNRECOGNIZED! You are one of God's Angel's that walk this earth. Thank you once again and GOD BLESS YOU!.... Here's hoping that no matter how "big" or "little" we are as human day I/we will be fortunate enough to meet one of God's "do gooders" AGaIN....YOU!!
Kisses Hugs and Sincerest Regards,
Kim Bilawchuk
Alberta, Canada