Monday, November 9, 2009

Vince Neil's Poker Tournament

Last night I had the honor of participating in my buddy Vince Neil's 5th Annual Poker Tournament. We all came out to support Vince's Skyler Neil foundation. We had a great time raising money for kids with cancer. Although a little intimidating when playing with some of the Poker's Elite Pro's like Phil "The Unabomber" Laak. Here in the photo "The Unabomber" is giving me some great advice.


MsMerlina said...

The annual fundraiser is a good chance to play poker for a very worthy cause & it looks like a great time too! Pic is awesome and Robin Leach has a closeup of your lovely blingy watch @ Vegas Deluxe blog. I loved meeting you @ the Rio art gallery on Halloween weekend, thanks! The sweet art rocks & we had fun - hope to see you again!

firewoman said...

I think it's great how you guys are working so hard in an effort to eradicate cancer. I know it has darkened your lives and has left a personal scar on your souls. The pain of loss is so traumatic. I love you for standing up under the pain you've had to endure.
Incidentally, it was around 1996 when Vince Neil was touring solo. He was at this little club in Raliegh, NC. I got Wendy to go with me to the concert. The club was so small that I was able to get right up to the stage. When Vince began singing Home Sweet Home, he was leaning over me, looking deeply into my eyes, oh it's one of my fondest memories. Well, he was leaning over me and a drop of his sweat dripped onto my cheek. It was so romantic to me.

Guess what, Dishwalla is on the radio right now. I'm listening to 93.3 The Planet WTPT in Greenville, SC. I read that you painted the original for their album cover.

My name is Firewoman because I like the song by The Cult.