Friday, July 30, 2010

Back to USA

Arrivederci, After spending the last 3 weeks working in Europe its time to go home. :(


Darcy said...

yay for home!

Brodie said...

HI Michael!
Just wanted to let you know that your work is amazing! My fiancee and i already own 7 deadly zins, 7 heavely chards and praying for sevens and i just bought grape confusion to sit in between the other two for her wedding present! (i even got the 2 bottles of wine shipped to New Zealand to match the paintings!). The guys at facination st in denver were great and had nothing but great things to say about you. We are going to your vegas gallery as part of our honeymoon in december and cant wait to check it out.

All the best from New Zealand!


Kristina said...

Hi Michael and Brittany,
It was great to meet you guys in the Med! What an awesome trip that was. Pat is writing an entertaining recap of some of the events. We will send you a copy. Take care, Pat and Tina Cooper

Rhonda said...


I've had the pleasure of meeting you and own a dozen pieces of your work...including an autographed original and River Run personalized by you with our boat's name--in case you remember me from Fox Valley Mall in suburban Chicago?!

I know your devotion to charity and good causes--and know cancer research is one that is very personal for you as it is for me.

I'm going out on a limb here, but want to ask for your support in my journey with the Susan G Komen 3 Day for the Cure where I will walk with my sister, a survivor. I lost my father to another form of cancer, so to me, this walk is to support any and every kind of cancer research.

My personal goal is to touch and be touched by as many lives as I can. I cannot think of a more rewarding cause and am proud to be part of it.

As a huge fan of yours, it would be incredible to have your support--knowing the personal loss you have suffered as well as your dedication to charities.

My personal web page is:

Please visit it to read my story and help me! I challenge you to donate the value of the works we own....

I truly hope that you will take the time to help me and thank you tremendously in advance...

kerri said...

I love your work, i only wish it didn't have "closed" borders...