Sunday, February 22, 2009

Art Show

Thank you everyone who came to my art show this weekend at Art Center Gallery. I had a great time! Thank you to some of our special guests who stopped by; Thomas Pendleton who's new show Tattoo Highway is out on A&E this April, other God's of the tattoo world- Mr. Lucky and Clark North and also Audie Desbrow of Great White. You never know who might come by my next show!!


MsMerlina said...

Awesome! Man I would have loved to be there and it's cool some of your buddies met up with you there plus lots of fans. Seems fans are shy about commenting on the blog but I'll be first.

Cindy said...

One of these days I'm gonna be able to be at one of your shows ... sounds like it was a great time!!! Take Care G! XO

Rennie said...

Michael, Today I received my copy of "You're in My World Now" that you signed for my husband and me during the show. Thank you so much!! Best wishes to you. Rennie and Rodney