Sunday, March 15, 2009

Vegas Show

I had so much fun last night at my art show in Las Vegas! The Oh My Godard Gallery inside Planet Hollywood had a Godard look-a-like contest. I'm pictured here with the 2 winners. Even my friends Steve Barton and Jim Warren stopped by. 


Cullen & Wendy said...

Hey Michael, we just wanted to thank you for the art work (Fat Cat with my BooBoo cat & Just Chilling) and to let you know it was an honor to meet you at the Vegas Show.

Cullen & Wendy

Kymmi said...

Hey :P

Don't know the best way to contact you but i heard the event in houston, TX has been post poned??!!i have a 1/2 sleeve tattoo of your artwork and am dying to show you! theres a blank space inside the ink and it wont be complete without your signature!

Kenny said...

Hi Michael
I really enjoy your work
I get to see it at the Gallery 100 on the square in Woodstock Illinois not too far from Chicago. Everyone in town should check it out! Best wishes

Anonymous said...

I was bummed to miss the Vegas show. But since I work next door (Signature) hopefully I'll catch the next one, whenever that is! :)